the Inhabitants of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region are outraged by the plans of the company “the Baltic grain terminal” to build a port in the Gulf. Located in the Lomonosov district of the Bay battery, which targeted businessmen, it threatens destruction, says the network of the petition, which has already been signed by 650 people.

opponents of the construction of the terminal turn for protection to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. On 16 may, the government handed over the Bay to the representatives of the Baltic grain terminal in rent for 10 years, no trade was conducted.

“If this place will be built a grain terminal, creating a port and logistics infrastructure (including the railway) will be destroyed by the highest dunes (up to 40 m) in the Leningrad region, cut down an old pine forest (hundreds of acres), caused great damage to lake the Mount-Valdai” — lists the environmental activists.

They also note that the Bay on the South shore of the Gulf long been a popular vacation spot of Petersburgers and inhabitants of area. Moreover, the flora and fauna in the adjoining reserve in the case of the construction of the logistics facility will be doomed to extinction.

“the Bay battery is located on the border of the reserve “Lebyazhy” — wetlands of international importance. <...> It stops here thousands of birds on the way of seasonal migrations along the Baltic-white sea route. Also here grow rare species of plants: Lotus Ruprecht, rushes Baltic, mlecnik the seaside and live grey seal and ringed seal,” say the authors of the petition.

They wonder why South of the Gulf of Finland a new port if there are two available: Bronce 40 km from the Battery and Ust-Luga 90 km away.

“People need places for recreation, clean water of the Gulf of Finland, pines and dunes and birds and animals need their habitat where they exist thousands of years”, — the subjectrivaud defenders of the Bay.

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