Not released to the protesters acting Governor Degtyarev held a

“Not invited” by local residents acting head of the Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev started to dismiss officials from the administration of his predecessor — arrested in the criminal case and transferred to Moscow Governor Sergey Furgala.

the first Deputy Governor of Vladimir Chlupova is a former colleague of Degtyarev in the state Duma Alexander Nikitin. “This is the head office of the Committee, which I headed in the state Duma”, — said Degtyarev, who is President Vladimir Putin on Monday appointed to replace elected in the second round in 2018 Furgala.

Degtyarev, who is with Forgalom in one party — the liberal democratic party, in his Instagram called the dismissal Chlapowo and the arrival of Nikitin “logical.” “With the head always comes your chief of staff,” — explained the acting, which local residents in the protests has demanded to leave.

According to Degtyareva, the post has already left, and adviser Furgala male Sinyagovsky. The resignation of another Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Zolochiv on the queue.

Mikhail Degtyarev also discussed with members of the government, the question of preparation for the heating period.

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Acting Governor of the region Mikhail Degtyarev held a meeting on preparation for heating period. Together with the heads of municipalities and ministries, he discussed the main problems that prevent today the region pass the winter smoothly. Though the situation in the Khabarovsk region is estimated as stable, there are several factors that negatively affect the preparation for the heating period in the housing sector: ✖ this is a shortfall to the municipalities, which purchased the fuel for the winter; ✖ this is the unscrupulous suppliers who win contests, but then disrupted work; ✖ this is the need for a speedy modernization of several Western walltion. How you plan to solve these problems? ✔ this is to continue to provide areas of subsidies from the regional budget; ✔ app is an additional $ 200 million to municipalities per equipment repair and the purchase of energy resources; ✔ app is to apply to the Federal center for additional grants, primarily for residents of the Northern areas; ✔ app is to translate as much as possible the heating of objects with compressed gas; ✔ app is to consider lowering the threshold of income at which subsidy is paid on utilities. As acting Governor instructed the Department of public utilities (@gkh_27): • prepare a list of all unfair associations with which to deal together with law enforcement agencies; • to take control of the most problematic areas, which last year had an accident and additionally test all backup power sources; • to control the delivery of fuel to the Northern regions and report to him personally. The press service of the Government of Khabarovsk Krai

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Jul 23, 2020 at 9:47 PDT

Khabarovsk than 10 days, carried out numerous actions in support of a Furgala. He declares a belief in his innocence (the Governor, whom Putin on July 19 dismissed “in connection with loss of trust”, accused of killing 15-year-old) and demanding the return of the head region to the region.

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