4 Jun Orthodox has long been called the Basilisk, Basilisks or Nightingale day.

this day commemorates the Holy Martyr Basilisk of Comana, renowned for his sanctity and miraculous deeds. Leading him pray for healing from illness and ailments.

Earlier in the day it was impossible to work in the field, otherwise the harvest will not grow. It was believed that this day should be spent in household chores or rest.

There is also a belief that on this day, the wife should not cut hair her husband, supposedly this can shorten his life. The overall haircut Basilisks in the day, but at the hairdresser’s.

This day, said earlier in Russia must be in a good mood. Unmarried girls were forbidden not only to mourn, but also to cry, according to legend, otherwise she will cry all year. 4 Jun girls going to the company and having a good time, including to attract Mr right.

Also on this day was not desirable to get a job: if it were possible, such work did not bring joy and stability.

And those who are fortunate enough to be born on this day, according to legends, destined to be responsible and disciplined.

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