On subsidies to air carriers will give billions of rubles

the Government of the Russian Federation in support of the industries affected during the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19, will allocate 3 billion roubles for subsidies to air carriers. About that today at the Cabinet meeting Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

According to him, “this will increase the number of routes subsidised transport and implement regional air transportation of passengers at special rates, and then optionally to carry at least 450 thousand people.”

Recall that in connection with the distribution of worldwide COVID-19, Russia from February 1, 2020 closed all regular flights of the airlines of the Russian Federation in China, in addition to flights of “Aeroflot” in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Since February 14 was also suspended Charter flights of Russian airlines. In addition, there was limited air service between Russia and South Korea and with Iran. Later was cancelled some flights to Italy, Spain, France, Germany, there are only flights to the capitals of these countries and several cities, as well as to Israel.

From 22 March, the Federal air transport Agency began to allow flights only in the capital of foreign States, and 26 March, the government stopped regular and Charter transportations abroad, leaving export flights for the return of Russians to their homeland.

March 27 regular and Charter flights in airports of foreign States and back, except for flights for the removal of the Russians, has been completely discontinued.

At the beginning of July it became known that the Russian government decided to extend the ban on international flights by August 1.

Earlier this week, Mishustin called “difficult” situation in the market of air carriers, which carry “significant costs” due to pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19.

the Prime Minister said, “the number of flights domestic traffic decreased significantly, and the practical suspension of international traffic affected including on the income” of the companies and their work.

At the same time Mishustin said that the government “took a number of important decisions” “to support the aviation industry”. “In particular, has made the aviation industry among the most affected and allocated appropriate resources. In particular, in the framework of this assistance to companies air transport envisages a system of deferments and exemptions. In addition, we have allocated 23.4 billion rubles as compensation of expenses due to the reduction of passenger traffic at all the Russian airlines”, — said the Prime Minister.

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