On the background of a sharp drop in revenues, the radio station

the Radio station “Silver rain” is in a critical financial situation due to the decline in advertising. This was announced in the air of its founder Dmitry Savitsky.

According to him, the radio station “simply ran out of money to continue broadcasting”. He said that for broadcasting in a month needs about 15 million.

“not to go into the minus, we have to obtain 15 million rubles. In may, we received 600 thousand rubles”, — he reported.

He said that initially it was planned to finalize before July 4 — the anniversary of “Silver rain”, and then to shut down the station opened in its place another.

“Interfax” Sawicki said that the radio station after numerous requests of the participants have decided to run a crowdfunding campaign. However, if advertisers do not come back, the radio station can reformat the purely musical.

Earlier in the podcast of “Rosbalt”, the founder of the radio station “Silver rain” Dmitry Savitsky said, what can end the crisis for commercial radio stations in Russia.

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