On Vasilyevsky island for the three day burst pipes, damaged cars

On Vasilievsky island continue gushing broken pipe, reported by eyewitnesses in social networks. Judging from the published pictures, the water streams reach of six meters. Under the blow hit the parked cars.

“First there was the incident on the 18th of the line, 25. After about two hours on the 3rd line, D. 44. And about an hour ago on the 18th line D. 29. Defects similar”, — told the correspondent of “Rosbalt” the press-Secretary of “Heating network of St. Petersburg” Dmitry Sharonov.

Recall, the company on July 29, checks the heat network in the Central district on the density and strength. Real damage to the owners promise to reimburse. The water temperature does not exceed forty degrees.