One of the main opponents of Lukashenko complained to the CEC for his

One of the candidates for the post of President of Belarus Victor Babariko submitted to the CEC a statement of the violations already made, in his opinion, during predvybornoi campaign. He reported on the alleged coercion of voters to put a signature for Lukashenko and abuse by the incumbent.

Babariko States that in universities, enterprises, public associations of people being forced to sign for Lukashenka. “Insults” the candidate considers the allusions to Finance the campaigns of some candidates from abroad. “If you have facts present, and if not — it’s slander,” said TUT.BY bidder.

Also, Babariko drew attention to “illegal actions”, carried out in respect team members and opponents of Lukashenko.

the Former banker Victor Babariko and ex-diplomat Valery Tsepkalo called one of the main opponents of the incumbent President.

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