The master squire had blanched under the harness. The gesture is sure, precise, elegant. Alexis Gruss is still holding the reins of the illustrious company. For six generations, the name of Gruss rhymes with the excellence of the horse show. The patriarch knows how to surround himself. His wife, Gipsy Gruss, born Bouglione, is at his side, amazon, coquette and refined. His son, Firmin, and great fielder, and Stephan, who signed the staging of Origins , the 44th creation of the troupe. His grandsons, the twins Alexander (long hair) and Charles (short hair), Louis and Joseph. The art of being a grandfather. Riders and acrobats made, they know how to do everything, play an instrument (trombone or guitar) and to control one or more other disciplines circassian (German wheel or juggling). Gruss, this is a story of transmission.


Origins goes back to the roots of the equestrian art. Gruss would not exist without the major of cavalry, English Philip Astley, the inventor of the track, 250 years ago. Antonio Franconi, “the spiritual father of the French circus”, Andrew Ducrow and François Baucher are also honored under the big top. Eva Poirieux, singer and narrator, retraces the major steps of this adventure scenic. But the tables are words. Duo acrobats or quadrille riding, spirited horses are the lion’s share. Arab, lusitano, friesian, cob normand or falabella, regardless of breed, provided that you have drunk. The cavalcade of ten-seven horses on the track gives chills. The bardot, born of a horse and a donkey, hennit, instead of the donkey, like the mule, brait. But its small size and is ordered at the number comedian with Firmin. The stables also have their clown.

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Place the fildefériste Geoffrey Berhault, to the German wheel to Louis, to the jugglery of the four brothers Gruss

At the beginning of the second part, more contemporary, the horses leave the track to the men. Then the fildefériste Geoffrey Berhault, to the German wheel to Louis, to the jugglery of the four brothers Gruss. But the horses are not absent little long and came back more beautiful during a very sweet love duet in the air and on horseback, and a number of “passing” in the gallop where the clubs fly with virtuosity.

To put it to music this ballet equine, Sylvain Rolland leads an orchestra of ten musicians, the palette is rich and colorful. Military music to rock, passing by the jazz, they are jogging the track. The beautiful costumes of Bruno Fatalot and the lights of Jean-Charles Pfauwadel finish give these Origins , a splendor that is worth the trip. Children and parents, Gruss are hennir of fun for all ages.

“Origins”, company Alexis Gruss, porte de Passy (Xvi). Tel.: 01 45 01 71 26. Time: 15h or 16h, depending on the day. Duration: 2h30. until 3 march, then on tour. Tickets: from 22 to 81€. Free for children under 3 years of age.