on Saturday night, David Hallyday has performed at the NRJ Music Awards My last letter , a first extract from his next album, I have things to tell you . The other ten titles will come out on 7 December. For the moment, the son of the rocker is back on the media scene. It is assigned Monday, November 12, to RTL and Paris .

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“The wolf with blue eyes, this is obviously my dad.”

David Hallyday about the clip of “My last letter”

David Hallyday’s displeasure is most ardent. “For me, there will be things that will never come back”, he says, cryptic, on the airwaves. There is no doubt that it refers to the attitude of her mother-in-law, Laeticia Hallyday, with whom he is at loggerheads for several months.

“But it is necessary to move forward in life, to rebuild. The loss of a loved one is an unheard-of violence”, he said in an agitated voice. “Music is therapeutic, it is not necessary to keep the things inside”.

“I confess to you, I have not been able to finish listening the album of my dad.”

David Hallyday on RTL

so far, the singer 52-year-old “begin its work of mourning”. “I listened to the last album of my father with a lot of difficulties. (…). I must admit, I have not been able to finish listening to it. I am sure that one day I will be able but today I am unable to.”

“Lots of love”

“We had a relationship wonderful for both. Sometimes complicated, certainly, but (…) there was a lot, a lot of love between us,” says David Hallyday at Paris . The singer has built I have things to tell you like a vibrant tribute to the personality of her father, and to the transmission father-son: “a link that still exists, even after death,” according to him.

In the everyday, David Hallyday reminds us of the precious relationship that binds him to his half-sister Laura Smet: “She was the only one to be able to understand what I wanted to do. You have experienced the same things, we laughed and cried together.” “We try to support and to move forward in life,” he says.

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Laura Smet has also created the video that accompanies the title My last letter. “It was all imagined, I gave him full confidence,” said David Hallyday. The young woman had loaded the movie clip symbols. Among these, a majestic animal who is the main character. “This wolf with blue eyes, this is obviously my father,” says the musician. The clip will be aired Monday 12 in the day.