Pashinyan called the situation with coronavirus in Armenia disastrous

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan called the catastrophic situation with the observance in the Republic of anti-epidemic norms. According to him, the real “picture” he saw through social networks.

He expressed bewilderment about what is happening in schools, markets and post offices, calling the situation embarrassing.

“what I saw with your help — it’s a disaster. There is no structure in the world, which could solve a question of such magnitude. Even if you increase the police force by 4-5 times,” said Pashinyan live Facebook.

He recalled that he himself had contracted the coronavirus, calling on citizens not to repeat his mistakes “and take a step back from the path into the abyss.”

“hospitals are nearly there, soon they will not quite, because the day such a growth rate can not be stopped. If the rules were to be observed, patients would be less than 95%,” said Pashinyan.

the Number of cases COVID-19 today in Armenia amounted to 10.5 thousand died 170 (12 over the past day), 56 infected have died for other reasons. From 18 may in the Republic has been significantly weakened quarantine mode.

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