Munich – “Even the weather finds you shit!” stand on one of the many posters against the Pegida rally in Neuhausen. In the case of continuous and barely ten degrees, about a 45-rights supporters at the red cross were rain in the afternoon space is deployed. You are 400 demonstrators stood, supported by the club of Munich is colorful. They delivered a loud whistle concert. Motto: Neuhausen blows the whistle on racism and right-wing propaganda!

The police only had to intervene Once as a Block between the two groups. But otherwise everything was peaceful, it was out of the Bureau. This is exactly what makes Mickey Wenngatz (SPD). The Head of Munich is colourful says: “A peaceful and non-violent Protest – this is typical for Munich.” Also, she was on the spot, and assumes that “more than 700 citizens have opposed the racist slogans”.

in addition, on Saturday in Munich, the other, mostly peaceful protest marches of abortion supporters and opponents, and critics of Turkey’s Kurdish policy. A total of 300 police officers were deployed.