Petersburgers need to protect the town from being cut down

St. Petersburg has launched an online petition in defense of the Oranienbaum in Petrodvorets district. The authors believe that the Park is the destruction of the rare trees with a history of 150-200 years.

“Most of these trees were healthy and served as the main decoration of the Park landscape. During the great Patriotic war, the Park of Oranienbaum is practically not affected, as was saved at the cost of tens of thousands of lives of the defenders of the Oranienbaum bridgehead. For comparison, during this period, all suburban historical parks, the Nazis were cutting down valuable trees to send to Germany. In Pavlovsk were destroyed 35 thousand trees” — remember the authors of the petition.

According to them, opposite the entrance to the Park there was a sign about the sale of firewood, and near the sawmill. Appeal to the administration of the Museum-reserve has not helped, and Oranienbaum in the result may lose the unique look, think St. Petersburg. By the morning of 5 may, the petition has collected 75 signatures.

additionally, the residents of the Northern capital regularly report about felling of green plantings. A few days ago, the inhabitants of Krasnoselsky district has reported the destruction of trees in South seaside Park, and Murinson Park established the “monument trees” of gilded birch logs and an axe. Thus activists protested against the actions of the local Builder, but the design did not last the day.

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