Poll: Zelensky in the presidential election want to vote, only a quarter of Ukrainians

the Leader of presidential rating in Ukraine is Vladimir Zelensky. A survey conducted by the Kiev international Institute of sociology in late may — early June, shows that 25.7% of Ukrainians would give him their votes if elections were held now.

However, we are talking about the number of respondents. If we take into account only those who have already decided, and firmly stated his desire to go to the polls, then Zelensky would be 37.6 per cent — a result that is close to the end of the first round of voting in 2019.

In the five of leaders of the Petro Poroshenko — for it 11.1% of respondents (16,2%); the Chairman of the party “Opposition platform For life,” Yuriy Boyko 9% (12,2%); leader of the “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko, 6% (9,7%); the head of the party “Strength and honor” Igor Smeshko 4.6 per cent (6.8 per cent).

Note that at the end of April, according to a survey of KIIS, for Zelensky would vote 42.6% of voters who have expressed a desire to come to the polls.

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