Prigogine called Okhlobystin

the Famous Russian producer and husband of singer Valerie Joseph Prigogine responded to the statements of the actor Ivan Okhlobystin about him that “the Lord has commanded to forgive stupidity.”

According to him, “KP”, he tried to contact and talk to Okhlobystin, the actor Alexei Panin and politician Alexei Navalny in order to “explain the situation”.

“They all comment, without checking the information. Everything is distorted,” — said Prigogine, noting that none of them not picking up. Prigogine called Okhlobystin and Panina cowards who “don’t want to talk and even hide behind God”.

Producer once again stated that because of the pandemic, the artists found themselves in an unenviable financial position. “But they all want to swagger and look of the oligarchs, while many of the stars from the top 20, even top 10 are in debts and loans, carefully hiding it,” says Prigogine, adding that when wrong, always apologize.

Previously Okhlobystin commented on the words of Prigogine about the plight of artists, saying: “our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to forgive everyone, including stupidity.”

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