Prosecutor General's office has learned the cause of death of tourists on the Dyatlov pass in 1959

it Became known, why the killing of tourists on the Dyatlov pass in the Northern Urals in 1959. Collected over the years documents proved to be enough to “most likely” to determine the cause of the incident, said Deputy head of the Prosecutor General in the Urals Federal district Andrey Kurakov.

the death of the group triggered the avalanche, said he.

Kuryanov explained that due to the snow and poor visibility, young people are unable to find your tent after left at 50 meters. “They went to stone ridge. It is a natural stop avalanches. They did everything right,” said the Kuryanov. “But when they turned around, the tent did not see. The visibility was 16 meters. They moved 50”, — said the representative of the Prosecutor General.

According to him, tourists descended next, made a fire and tried to go back and find the tent, but froze because the temperature was about minus 40-45 degrees. The Kuryanov also added that prosecutors had conducted an experiment that confirmed that in these conditions the tent is impossible to find, even if you know approximately in what direction it lies.

Kuryanov also introduced a 3D model of Dyatlov pass, it was published in “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Recall, a group of nine tourists led by Igor Dyatlov died during the trek on skis in the Northern Urals in 1959.

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