Protesters against racism demolished a monument to the slave-trader and achieved the dismantling of the statue of the king of Belgium

In Bristol (UK) activists supporting the Black Lives Matter movement (“Life of black (Americans) has value”), demolished the statue of the slave trader Edward Colston and dropped him into the sea. In this regard, the famous artist Banksy has offered to erect a monument to protesters who “reconciled” them with those who still believes slaver influential person.

this will return the statue to the place, warned the artist. “We take the monument from the water, banded neck Colston cable and order a few bronze statues of demonstrators who pull for the tether,” wrote the graffiti artist in the social network.

According to Banksy, a new monument-“hybrid” will “make everyone happy” and “perpetuate that momentous day that occurred demolition”.

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. What should we do with the empty plinth in the middle of Bristol? Here’s an idea that caters for both those who miss the Colston statue and those who don’t. We drag him out the water, put him back on the plinth, cable tie round his neck and commission some life size bronze statues of protestors in the act of pulling him down. Everyone happy. A famous day is commemorated.

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9 Jun 2020 4:21 PDT

Meanwhile, AFP reports, in Antwerp, Belgium, by decision of the officials demolished the memorial in honor of king Leopold II, made in the last quarter of the nineteenth century the Western part of Africa its colony.

the dismantling of the monument sought the protesters under the banner Black Lives Matter.

Expanthis Belgians in the Congo was held by force, the local inhabitants were subjected to repression.

the Black Lives Matter Movement emerged in the US nickoll years ago for the murders of African Americans by police. The new scale protests against racism in the country has become once in Minneapolis killed a colored man George Floyd, who was stopped by law enforcement. White police officer Derek Showin almost 9 minutes peretasoval knee to the neck of the detainee. The last words of Floyd was: “I can’t breathe!”

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