Putin spoke about the causes of the Second world war

Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote an article for the American magazine National Interest, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in world war II. The head of state in it, in particular, discusses the causes of the Second world war. “The main factors that determined the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind was a state of selfishness, cowardice, satisfying the growing power of the aggressor and the reluctance of political elites to find a compromise”, — said Putin. He added that the responsibility for starting the war are all leading the state. Each of them, the article says, have made “the fatal mistake”, “arrogant thinking that can outwit the other, to secure unilateral advantages or to stay away from an impending global catastrophe”. Thus, says Putin, such short-sightedness, the failure to establish a system of collective security has cost millions of lives and huge losses. The decision to publish the material Putin explained the responsibility before the past and the future and wish that the tragedy is not repeated. Recall that the intention to write an article about the Second world war the head of state said at a press conference in December, when answering a question on European Parliament resolution on the anniversary of the beginning of this event. In September 2019 the European Parliament adopted a resolution in which, inter alia, condemned the efforts of the Russian authorities to “whitewash the crimes committed by the Soviet totalitarian regime”. Recently, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the article is ready.

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