Recruiters talked about the most unusual job in the St. Petersburg labor market

In June, the employers of St. Petersburg opened a 41% more vacancies than in may. According to experts the labor market began to recover after the removal of the regime of self-isolation. The company talked about the most unusual proposals from employers in the city.

So, shop of the goods for manicure looking for the “Instagram star”. Company needs a nail blogger, which can be interesting and beautiful to present information and to work on camera.

Another organization is looking for a diver. Specialist must be willing to travel. The employer will provide him with comfortable accommodation and covering the costs for food.

Also in St. Petersburg looking for expert handwriting. Applicant must be experience not less than five years. The employee will, in particular, to solve diagnostic tasks forensic handwriting examination.

For the creative mind may be attracted to the vacancy of the author’s novels. The direct responsibility of the employee will be sexual fantasies. Creativity and humor are welcome. The texts should arouse interest in women 24 to 45 years. The employer believes that this is a dream job.

At the same time noted that the most popular in St. Petersburg remain the representatives of the sphere of sales, IT specialists, manufacturing workers, “blue collars”, as well as applicants from the sphere of construction and real estate.

Earlier in the Russian government said that the coronavirus has changed the labour market. From 1 April the number of unemployed officially registered in employment services has increased 3.5 times. Now there are about 3 million people throughout Russia.

Experts believe that after the pandemic, unemployment will not go away, and working conditions will not be better.

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