Resident of India bequeathed their land elephants

a Resident of India left without an inheritance for his family for the love of animals. He made a will stating that after his death, about 2.5 ha of his land should go to the elephants, according to The Indian Times.

the 50-year-old male living in Bihar, said that two of his elephants Moti and Rani mean everything to him, and one of them once even saved his life — the elephant warned the owner about an armed man who tried to deal with it while he was sleeping. As a result, the man woke up and managed to escape.

Wife and children are not very happy with the will, although they, too, will get a small plot of land and a house.

Indian man upsets wife by bequeathing land to two elephants

— Guardian Environment (@guardianeco) June 11, 2020

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