Residents of Sochi complain about the water being turned off for almost a month

the inhabitants of the Kupchino complain about the shutdown of hot water. The initial timing of the works were moved due to pipeline accidents.

How to tell the version of “Rosbalt” one of the residents, first shut off the water supply for the planning period from 14 to 28 July. The next day the water was given for a few hours, and then again ceased to apply.

Residents contacted in control of the company. It turned out that many kupchyntsi have to go without a hot shower until the middle of August. However, the clarity is still there in some locations.

“On the phone our ZHSK tube is not taken, turn the entry that is disabled to eliminate, without specific terms”, — said the interlocutor.

According to “Heating network of St. Petersburg”, hydraulic tests in the Central district are held from mid-July and still ongoing in some streets.

the Situation was commented in the local administration. As of July 30 of the 83 buildings without hot water remains 22. Half of them are “powered by closed circuit” and the rest “in the area of operational maintenance work, which will end on 31 July.” The Ministry confirmed that the lack of supply related to the accident, and assured that awaiting the completion of the work from “Heating.”

Residents write that on 31 July really back water in some homes, for example on the street Turku. Meanwhile ZHSK № 2 reported regular renovations “Heating system” that will leave you without hot water a few houses on Gasheka street, Bucharest, etc. of the Danube.

Add hydraulic tests conducted on Vasilievsky island in St. Petersburg. Local residents are concerned not only with the fact of turning off the water, but a gushing broken pipe with flows up to six meters. Thus, only 29 of July there were 3 such incidents. Damaged a parked car. “Heating” promised compensament damage.