In 2021, 131 people were killed on the motorway network, i.e. 4 more than during the year 2020 marked by confinement but 23 less than in 2019, the last reference year.

Reported to traffic, 2021 is the least deadly year for twenty years, “with 1.2 accidents per billion km travelled”, indicates this report.

The consumption of alcohol, drugs and medication while driving appears between 2017 and 2021 as the leading factor in fatal accidents (23%) ahead of drowsiness and fatigue (20%), speed (18%) and distractions , like the telephone, (13%).

Intervention teams suffered 126 accidents in 2021 and 12 officers were injured.

Four agents have been killed since the beginning of the year.

This year has started badly, with already 75 people killed on the motorways on June 1, an increase of 46% over one year, explains to AFP Christophe Boutin, general delegate of ASFA.

“We see the progression of the drug, alcohol and medication factor, therefore dangerous intentional behavior that is explained by a relaxation and it is very worrying”, alerts Mr. Boutin.

These figures from Asfa, which brings together the private concessionaires managing 9,180 of the 12,000 kilometers of French motorways, match those of the entire metropolitan road network, which also recorded a lowest in 2021 with 2,944 deaths.