Rosturizm: the Preconditions for a rapid recovery of international tourism yet

the Situation in many countries remains difficult due to the new coronavirus, so that the March recommendations on the need to refrain from foreign travel is still relevant.

As stated to journalists by the head of the Federal tourism Agency of sarin doguzova, despite the fact that all over the world are now discussing scenarios for a phased exit from quarantine, this process is moving “very slowly and carefully”. First and foremost, the removal of restrictions begins with a small travel within the countries themselves, she said. Prerequisites for the rapid recovery of international tourism yet, she stated.

As reported “Interfax”, doguzova stressed that in this situation, the Federal tourism Agency’s mission is to give Russians the option to safely spend the summer in the country. So too do the tourist agencies in other countries, she added.

Recall that the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin earlier today asked the Russians to refrain from trips abroad, not to make out a coronavirus. He believes that in the current environment, in addition to health risks, there may be sudden difficulties in the return of tourists home. Mishustin said that since June 1 in some regions of Russia will open a sanatorium. In the next stage we can talk about the start of the holiday season in the country.

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