Rowling will publish her new book on the Internet

British author JK Rowling has announced the publication of his book titled “the Ickabog” (“Icebag”).

According to the “mother of Harry Potter”, she will publish a Chapter in a new fairy tale each day in the period from 26 may to 10 June. Today at 17:00 on its website was posted the first Chapter.

According to her, the book is not tied to Harry and was written over a decade ago, but still heard her only the youngest children of the writer.

“I’ve always wanted to publish this story, but after the last Potter I worked on two novels for adults, and decided to release them early. Until recently, the only people who heard “The Ickabog” was my younger children,” said Rowling on Twitter.

The first two chapters of The Ickabog are available for free here:

— J. K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) May 26, 2020

it is Noted that the heart of the book is really “adult” plot “of the truth and abuse of authority.” In the paper version of the book will be released in November 2020 and will be translated into other languages.

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