Russia has proposed to establish a single control centre projects

the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation believes that the existing system of management of the national projects is ineffective, and all of its functions should be concentrated in one center of support of managerial decision-making on national projects.

the Ministry of Finance analyzed the cost-effectiveness of managing national projects and came to the conclusion that the share of expenditure increases and control functions are duplicated by different organizations. This blurs the responsibility for decisions and for the effectiveness of national projects, and increase operational costs diverts resources away from the projects, reports “Interfax”.

Recall that on July 13 the first from the beginning of the pandemic a meeting on national projects, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to look beyond the planning horizon of the projects. “I consider it necessary to look beyond the current planning horizon national goals and projects, i.e. in 2024. And now to the development of goals to define national challenges for the next decade,” he said.

the 12 national projects operating in Russia, designed in the years 2019-2024. As planned by the authorities of the country, they are aimed at raising the standard of living of Russians and ensure breakthrough development of the country. The projects are divided into three groups: “Demographics”, “Health”, “Education” and “Culture”; “Quality roads”, “Ecology” and “Housing”; “”Infrastructure,” “Digital economy”, “Science”, “Small business”, “Export” and “Productivity”. The implementation of the national projects is estimated at 25.7 trillion rubles.

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