Scientist have discovered new details about the coronavirus from the Beijing market

having Studied collected at the wholesale market of Beijing, “Sinhali” samples of coronavirus, scientists have discovered that they are older than those strains that apply in Europe. This was stated by a Chinese epidemiologist Liu Jun, his words given in the article on the website of the State Supervisory Committee of the PRC.

In the analysis of the experts tried to find out what virus did more mutations. The more, the newer virus. The virus with the least amount of change is primary, that is, and his age above.

So, after examining the samples from the market in Beijing, scientists have discovered that this virus came from Europe, but it has some differences from circulating in European countries strains. That is, he is older than modern European strains.

According to Jun, to determine how this coronavirus came to the Beijing market is very difficult. He could be the party of the frozen products and with them to arrive from abroad.

“During transportation, being in a frozen state, the virus could not evolve, therefore it is not mutation” — suggested the expert.

as of the morning of 18 June, Beijing has identified 21 new cases COVID-19 and three asymptomatic carriers, all they have to do to the wholesale market.

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