Scientists have found that sleep helps the brain to adapt to the unexpected

Sleep is essential for normal working memory. So, in the dream, short-term memory turns into long-term, but the brain gets rid of unnecessary information. However, as writes “RG”, scientists from the University of Missouri learned about another important function of sleep — it helps the brain to adapt to the unexpected. They conducted experiments with fruit flies, in which initiated an extreme situation — the young and the adults deprived of the opportunity to fly. In the end, all individuals fell into a long sleep. Experts have found neurons that causes the brain to stay longer in the sleep state with non-functioning wings. These neurons operate in the normal formation of the wings. Thus, the ability to fly and control wings from birth are integrated in the brain of flies, although this does not preclude the need for the development of skills. The absence of working of the wings causes the brain to regroup, aided by sleep. He, according to the researchers, increases brain plasticity. According to scientists, the findings are relevant to people. They advised to increase the duration of sleep, if you want to adapt with the unexpected changes.

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