Serbia was not allowed into the country, the national airline of Montenegro

civil aviation Directorate of Serbia has not given the national carrier of Montenegro Montenegro Airlines permission to fly into the country. This decision was taken after the refusal of Podgorica from June 1 to open the borders for the Serbs, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to local Agency “Tanjug”.

the decision of the government of Serbia says that the Montenegrin authorities “violated the principle of equivalence in the movement of passengers”. Serbia, in turn, from 1 June opened the borders for citizens of Montenegro.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic said that the refusal of Montenegro to open the entrance for Serbian citizens related to political reasons and not with the pandemic coronavirus. Montenegro promised from 1 June to open its borders to citizens of several countries in Eastern and Western Europe, except Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Russia. The decision was taken against the background of aggravated disagreement of the authorities of Montenegro with the Serbian Orthodox Church, whose rights he supported the listed countries.

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