Several employees of the savings Bank was involved in a sex scandal

Twitter users began to share stories about harassment or harassment on the part of the men employed in Russian companies. So, “a hand” and got some Sberbank employees. As reported the charges were brought in the direction of SMM-Manager of the savings Bank Ruslan Gafarov, as well as heads of projects of the savings Bank Sergey Minenko. One of the alleged victims accused Gafarova rape, and a few other girls wrote about the harassment on his part, the newspaper reports. Some also spoke about the violent harassment Minenko. Thus, according to one of them, he “hugged and would not let” her “breath in her ear” and tried to persuade the girl to go home with him, writes According to “Rain”, one of the girls also said that the exchange houses are the camera, which he records sex with girls, and then shows the video to friends. We will add that users who shared stories about abuse and harassment by men, also gave the names of the editor-in-chief “MBH media,” Sergei Prost, the photo editor “MBH media” Andrei Zolotov, journalist and TV presenter Paul Lobkova. The simpletons on the eve announced his departure from the post of chief editor. Pavel Lobkov on his page in Facebook apologized and said that he never resorted to violence and pressure.

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