Sitting without water, the inhabitants of the Omsk region called on

the Inhabitants of isilkulsky district, the Omsk region in the heat were left without drinking water because of the rotten pipes. An accident can not eliminate from July 13, says НГС55.

the District authorities declared the situation an emergency until 17 July. In the settlements has to haul water, but locals say that the car is either not arrive, or bring something to drink for payment, transfers “Omsk inform”.

The TikTok has a circulation of men, who called “uncle Vova” “to make a peasant”: to come to fix the trouble. “Pipes from Omsk was wooden to Isilkul — they rotted, they are 100 years old. Uncle Vova, take these pipes arrive, stick the pipes to the officials somewhere and with the officials put them into the ground”, — quotes the call of a local resident “Tayga.Info”. Omich, in particular, said that from lack of water affected by his 84-year-old grandmother.

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