Small business put before the government a condition of its survival

In St. Petersburg, the players of the food market have formulated the conditions under which you will be able to survive after a pandemic. The main demands they announced during the fourth online marathon in support of small and medium entrepreneurship “to Save the business: mission (im)possible?”, which holds the IA “Rosbalt” in conjunction with the Deputy of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly Irina Ivanova.

At the beginning of the online meeting, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on industrial policy Alexander Sith said that St. Petersburg entrepreneurs in total used measures of Federal support in the amount of 8 billion rubles. The official noted that Petersburg this indicator bypasses many regions of Russia.

However, the businessmen said that most of the support measures had not reached and began to put forward their proposals. So, SP Tatyana Voloschenko, which is engaged in trade of inedible goods suggested that the government of St. Petersburg to begin to subsidize affected by the pandemic in the industry that the business has survived and evolved — for example, to compensate for 12 of 130 thousand rubles for each employee for June, July, August.

the Businessman Yury Ragulin called the deferral of lease payments by self-deception and offered to cancel. He was supported by Vladimir Menshikov, Chairman of the Board NP “Association of small enterprises of St. Petersburg”, Recalling that all predict a second wave of coronavirus and a further crisis, and the business does not understand, at what expense to pay arrears of rent within six months.

Entrepreneur Andrew Rosinskaya, the owner of souvenir business, also outraged by the fact that you have to pay the rent “mad money, without a centimeter of space”: “Why we, those who pay taxes, are now standing with an outstretched hand and ask the officials? It’s an absurd situation! I believe that the city can’t demand money for rent, not keeping his part of obligations under the contract”.

entrepreneurs Zamadilly, that at the Federal level has long been suggested, along with the main OKVED affected sectors to consider additional, as many businessmen the actual occupation is not the same as legal. However, in St. Petersburg, this process is very slow.

“may 16 was the Federal decree No. 1296 for the connection of auxiliary and main OKVED in St. Petersburg that is still not implemented, — says Yanina Grishin, Chairman of the NGO “Promoting small business”, and adds that the entrepreneurs it is difficult to prove that they are indeed engaged in activities affected by the limitation regime. Thus, the Committee for property relations requires to provide a photo – and video recording of the object — but how to prove that three months ago, closed the point with flowers, if she opened with vegetables?

“Come, take your picture, you will see that food products, so the measure retroactively from April 1 to can’t” — sums up Gregory.

Chairman of the NGO also noted that the need to simplify the procedure for obtaining benefits and to stop to put administrative obstacles to the affected business.

“I will Not say that this is done intentionally, officials do not understand the specifics. But to understand, you need to involve not only affiliated with the organization who are afraid to tell the truth, and the business side. It’s also psychologically very important: entrepreneurs need to understand that they can be heard by the authorities. In this respect, videoconferencing Smolnyi was a very necessary event. Small business and government are not enemies to each other, we have learned to talk, so let’s continue the dialogue. The only way we will preserve the remains of the business in St. Petersburg, otherwise they are hatched there will be nobody” — summed up Yanina Grishina.

Deputy Irina Ivanova agreed with her and added that officials need to more clearly define the dates of open.

“How to buy goods and what goods, how to plan their lives in the coming weeks — the health of business depends on it. Business out of thin air does not happen, businesses need to understand whether or not to reformat. In particular, it is time to tell you when to open shopping malls, where the lion’s share of the market”, — said the MP.

Recall that from June 8 in the city resumed the operation of stores, shops, offices, construction companies and car dealerships, and churches were allowed to hold services, and on June 29 opened parks, gardens, zoos and outdoor cafes. Next week, July 6, in St. Petersburg, open museums, exhibitions, swimming pools, spas and fitness centers.

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