Sobyanin: Moscow has managed to avoid

In Moscow managed to avoid a “worst-case scenario” development of the situation with the increase in the incidence of coronavirus. This was announced by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to him, this became possible thanks to “very stringent restrictive measures”, the work of doctors and the citizens themselves, who have fulfilled the requirements of the authorities.

Sobyanin stated that Moscow is reduced and the number of new cases COVID-19, and the number of seriously ill patients with coronavirus. “Today, we can safely say that we managed to avoid the worst-case scenario, which unfolded in a number of the world’s megacities,” said the mayor.

Previously, he expressed the view that Moscow needs to maintain strict limits because of the coronavirus, including throughput and mask modes.

Total capital to date recorded 207 158 thousand cases of coronavirus.

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