Speaker Pelosi has demanded to remove from the Capitol building, the statue of the Confederate

the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi proposed to remove from the Capitol the statues of all the confederates, transfers TV channel ABC.

the Corresponding letter Pelosi sent to the joint library Committee, which is responsible for this issue. The document States that “in the sacred halls of the United States Capitol is no place for the glorification of the intolerance of the representatives of the Confederation”.

currently, in the building of Congress there are 11 statues of famous historical figures of the United States, speaking during the Civil war on the side of the Confederate States of America. Pelosi needs to immediately arrange for their removal. At the same time, Democrats are preparing a bill on the return of the statues to have sent them to the States or to redirect them to the Museum.

a Previous attempt to get rid of the statues of confederates had been taken by the Democrats in 2017 after the riots in Charlottesville, but has not led to success.

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