St. Petersburg offers three days of jazz in the Museum of Anna Akhmatova

the VI international jazz festival “Brodsky DRIVE” under the leadership of Andrey Kondakov will be held from 17 to 19 July at the Museum of Anna Akhmatova in the fountain house at the Sheremetev garden, Liteiny prospect, 53.

unfortunately, this year the foreign performers pandemic will not perform in St. Petersburg, but at the festival there will be more local artists with eight jazz concerts.

the Format of the festival “Brodsky Drive” has changed: instead of jazz weekends for over one and a half months of waiting-3 days of interesting and colourful programme of immersing the audience in a unique musical style of jazz.

Opens the “Brodsky DRIVE” on July 17 with a performance of the Quartet artistic Director of the festival, pianist and composer Andrei Kondakov.

the program will include several compositions, written in terms of isolation. Special guest vocalist Amy Peters.

in the Evening, the audience expects improvisation ensemble “Cool Train Project”. In the original compositions of the ensemble we can hear the echo of Scandinavian jazz and quotations from classical music. Together with the musicians the author of the project “Brodsky Ad Libitum” Irina Chizhik talk about musical predilections of the poet.

the Second day of the festival — July 18 — open one of the oldest ensembles of our city, “Easy Winners” Andrew Provincial, whose repertoire of archaic jazz. Team unique selection of musical instruments instead of drums, washboard, double bass instead of susato (brass bass instrument) instead of the guitar — dobro (resonator guitar).

In the second part of the day of the concert, the trombonist and composer Anton boyar will present two projects — “Dizzy Duck Dutch” and “Big Band”.

the Evening of July 18 will be the headliners of the festival, the masters of jazz. Arranged By Arkady SilkLauper, pianist Andrey Kondakov and bassist Vladimir Volkov will present a program INTRADA. The musicians performed together at festivals in different countries of Europe.

a Rare trio performances — it is always memorable performances, involving intrigue and a consistently high level of performing art. The program will include both new and old songs. Special guest — the talented drummer from Taganrog Alexander Bozhenko, who will join the trio.

the matinee concert on Sunday, July 19, will open with a performance of the St. Petersburg Quartet bassist and arranger Dmitry Semenishev. “Enjoyable and straightforward jazz. In recent years has released two albums of original music Quartet. As a special guest to the Quartet will join the St. Petersburg singer Alla Turovskaya.

the Next concert of the Duo of trumpeter Vyacheslav Gaivoronsky and pianist and flutist Roman Carpenter. “To the memory of Clifford brown” — the so-called Duo, specially prepared for the festival and named after poems of Joseph Brodsky.

the Evening of 19 July at 19:00 will be presented the program of the famous Russian drummer, the artistic Director of the St. Petersburg label Rainy Days, endorser of YAMAHA percussion instruments Sasha Machine. The concert will take part the Moscow bassist Makar Novikov, the St. Petersburg pianist Mikhail Maryshev and actor Makar Kashitsyn.

the long-Awaited event in the world of music will be held this weekend in the heart of St. Petersburg. A great excuse to breathe in summer and keep warm with the warmth of beautiful music light cold St. Petersburg night.

Tickets can be purchased on the Museum website.

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