St. Petersburg residents continue to go out for a peaceful demonstration in support of Belarusians (photo)

At the offices of the Embassy of Belarus in St. Petersburg for the fifth consecutive day the action of solidarity with the protesters in the neighboring country, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

At the building noticed about twenty police officers. They are watching what is happening and not interfere.

According to estimates of the correspondent, the share reached about a hundred people — as citizens of Belarus and Russia. Some are standing with placards.

on 9 August in Belarus held a presidential election in which incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko won 80% on the second place — Svetlana Tikhanovski, she 10%. All candidates for presidents of Belarus except for Lukashenka, decided to appeal the election results. CEC rejected all the complaints.

Mass protests started even before the election and still going on. To strike in the last two days came a lot of large factories and enterprises of Belarus. Journalists from Federal channels and a military one by one leaving the post, expressing their dissatisfaction with the current situation in the country.

during the protests, was detained thousands of people. Yesterday evening, detainees started to release from prison.