St. Petersburg will fight for the preservation of historic buildings Pipe factory threatened with demolition

the Inhabitants of Vasilevsky island of St. Petersburg has launched a campaign for the preservation of historic buildings, Pipe plant, which is planned to accommodate social and business space. About it the correspondent “of Rosbalt” was told by the head of the Harbour MO Nellie Vavilina.

According to her, local residents intend to deal with the risk of the dismantling of seven red-brick buildings.

“Initially, the investors were promised that they would keep the historical objects. But, unfortunately, we are unable on the basis of previous experience, to trust to the Committee for the protection of monuments of culture, that everything will remain intact,” explained Vavilina.

According to published on the website of the Committee to the documents, the experts came to the conclusion that some of the outbuildings and buildings of a later time “have a negative impact on objects of cultural heritage” and violate “volumetric spatial resolution, compositional and visual communication” Pipe plant. Indicated the feasibility of dismantling objects. The customer was company “M. G. private Rekonstrakshn”.

“we got a big enough initiative group of local residents, including architects and other professionals. First, we try to speak, to enter the dialogue, to explain that it was not necessary to demolish a historic building that we need protection. Then plan to launch a petition to start collecting signatures,” said Vavilina.

According to her, some residents have filed appeals at Smolny, is preparing a joint letter. Activists plan to hold live broadcasts with excursions on the territory of the factory Pipe, so that more people know about the problem.

the Correspondent of “Rosbalt” on the morning of 28 July asked for comment from management of the investor company “Maksidom”. At the time of publication no response is received.

Recall that in November Smolny ruled out three lengths of Pipe of the plant from the list of objects of cultural heritage, that is brought them from under the protection of the state. On-site planned social and business area.

the Area is near the bridge Betancourt. This place is now actively built, including residential facilities. So, here is maincast No. 1, which the Committee does not wish to include in the register of objects of cultural heritage are. Local residents fear that the historic building can be demolished and try to defend him in court. In addition, because of the new building erected opposite the infirmary, crumbling house. Old crack, which was formed many years ago, began to disperse because of the sagging of the soil. The apartments SAG and collapse ceilings, deformed window and door openings, the walls went new crack.