Tax maneuver in the IT industry will affect manufacturers of electronics

Together with the developers of software under the tax maneuver in the IT industry will fall and the domestic electronics manufacturers. On the website of the Ministry of Finance published the clarification on draft law on “tax maneuver”. According to the document, similar preferences on insurance premiums and income tax will also be installed for organizations that are engaged in the design and development of products “electronic components and electronic (electronic) products and included in the relevant register”. It will lead the Ministry of industry and trade. We will remind that on “tax maneuver” in the IT industry, the head of state Vladimir Putin said on June 23. The President proposed permanently to reduce premiums from 14% to 7.6% and profit tax from 20% to 3%. As told RBC Executive Director of the Association of developers and manufacturers of electronics (ACE) Ivan Pokrovsky, market participants asked the government about tax cuts, but don’t know how it will be administered this benefit. In his opinion, the proposed measure will allow producers to increase their investments in developing new products.

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