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The actor Jean-Pierre Kalfon is celebrating its 80 years on stage to the rhythm of the “rock’ n ‘roles”

Since its passage at the centre of juvenile delinquency of Savigny-sur-Orge, there are some sixty-five years, Jean-Pierre Kalfon has it all: rocker, actor, theatre director, actor… today, at eighty-four spring, this large second role of the French cinema has decided to tell his story circus rebel in an autobiography full of life, entitled Everything is going well for Me man (The archipelago). And meet his friends on Saturday to blow out the candles on his birthday cake during a concert very “rock’ n ‘roles attitude”.

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The wonderful and frightening junk trillion by Henri Verneuil has worked for more than a half-century with an impressive list of filmmaker: Jean-Luc Godard ( Weekend ), Barbet Schroeder ( The Valley ), Robin Davis ( the War of The fonts ), Yves Boisset ( The Woman cop ), Claude Lelouch ( Each Other s), François Truffaut ( Vivement dimanche )…

At the theatre, his odyssey is also simply extraordinary. Between the two stagings, he took the time to walk on the planks under the direction of Roger Planchon, Sacha Pitoëff, Georges Wilson, Jérôme Savary… But the first and genuine passion of this unclassifiable baladin, this is the rock. In order to better understand the personality of this man is unclassifiable, which has sub-titled his biography Souvenirs Rock ‘ n ‘ roles , Le Figaro met Jean-Pierre Kalfon in a cafe at the bottom of the butte Montmartre, at two steps from him.

“Everything is going well for me man”, the biography of Jean-Pierre Kalfon in the Archipelago. The archipelago

LE FIGARO. – Why you speak directly to your “mommy” in your biography?

Jean-Pierre KALFON. – My parents were simple people who are worried for my future. They wondered how they had been able to lay a thing like me. The only book in the house that was Reveries du promeneur solitaire of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and I believe they have never opened. My fugue, then, the house of recovery at fifteen years, it has had to disrupt. This is why, beyond the grave, I wished, finally, to reassure.

You’re immersed in the rock to try to escape…

Yes and no. The rock is my first passion and it is a synonym of rebellion. In the fifties, this is revolutionary stuff. But even in rebellion, the courses are sometimes chaotic. Instead of becoming Johnny before Johnny I am going to find myself a boy at the Folies-Bergère. With hindsight, it was perhaps a necessary stage, because it allowed me to have a taste for comedy.

When you have began to succeed, your parents have been proud of you?

Proud, perhaps, but still worried. I can tell you an incredible story. I had mounted Pity she’s a whore of John Ford before Luchino Visconti. When my mother knew that the Italian master had adapted to turn with Alain Delon and Romy Schneider, the blood of the mother has not made a turn. She took her most beautiful pen in order to write to Visconti that it was a shame to do all this with so many means while her son had managed to adapt to the same work with pieces of strings. I’ve known this story that twenty years after his death. This is incredible, non?

The friendship seems to be very important in your book. You often mention Pierre Clémenti…

It was my brother, an to be rare. Like me, it was spent in a centre for young offenders. His flaw was that he did not know who her father was. I believe that the theatre, in a way, has provided her with a family, the point of attachment. I knew when I started The Trial to the Templars in 1960. I need a man who is graceful, elegant. It was all this. Peter, it was just an archangel.

● The birthday concert in rock ‘ n ‘ roll attitude of Jean-Pierre Kalfon on the 17th November at the space Jemmapes, 75010 Paris

Everything is going well, me man , Memories of rock ‘ n ‘ roles of Jean-Pierre Kalfon editions of the Archipelago

Excerpt from a concert of Jean-Pierre Kalfon and the P. I. B.

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