The author's daughter Cheburashka assumption of the writer: Beat to the blood, and sick with cancer mother sent in a cult and left

the Daughter of children’s writer Eduard Uspensky explained in the TV show “live” why she is opposed to the name her father called the award for children’s literature.

Tatyana Uspenskaya continues to tell about the cruelty of the writer in the family. In her opinion, he didn’t know how to feel. So, the woman told that in her childhood she was brutally beaten: “he Beat me several times to the blood. Then his eyes swelled, turned into such small slits, and I had to go to school.” In addition, the father “brought her into the sect” — in the labor commune Stolbun, where children are forced to work from dusk until dawn, and “the leader of the sect, beat children with sticks”.

Also the daughter can forgive his father for that, again, that her mom has breast cancer, sent a woman to the sect and left there. Uspenskaya told that did not doliolus father when seriously ill her son.

About the difficult nature of the writer and the beating and told his ex-wife Eleanor Owl. However, women were not persuaded by the part of the audience in the Studio. So, writer friends regarded the words of his daughter as slander, which it supposedly builds on the author Cheburashka because of lost inheritance.

However, the woman claims that her only goal is justice, and for the money it is not intended. According to Tatini assumption, the tyrant, which she considers her father, should not be associated with award for children’s literature.

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