The Azerbaijanis and Armenians fought in the center of Chisinau

Wednesday, July 22, outside the Armenian Embassy in Chisinau there was a skirmish between the representatives of the Azerbaijani and Armenian diasporas of Moldova according to Sputnik.

it All happened in the time agreed upon by the authorities of the rally organized by the Congress of Azerbaijanis of Moldova. Several dozen protesters marched through the streets with the flags of Azerbaijan and placards calling to stop the armed Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, the Armenian Embassy. Here also came the representatives of the Armenian community of Kishinev with the intention to “protect the Embassy”. Between the two groups clashed, during which some tried to snatch the flags of others; verbal altercation. Serious consequences of this “meeting” was able to avoid the police, after which the meeting ended.

the Situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border began to deteriorate on 12 July, when the parties fired at each other from artillery and mortars. According to official data, the Azerbaijani army lost in killed 12 people, and Armenia — four. International organizations and several countries, including Russia, urged opponents to dialogue and peaceful resolution of the conflict.

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