The Azeris fighting Armenians to protest in London (video)

Azerbaijanis on Friday staged a protest in London. They condemned the actions of Yerevan on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

according to BBC, around 150 people with the flags of Azerbaijan and Turkey gathered at the Armenian Embassy. They chanted “Give up lands of Azerbaijan” and “Armenia, get out of Karabakh!”.

During the demonstration, a fight ensued, in which one person was injured. According to the version of the Azerbaijani Embassy, the clash was provoked by the natives of Armenia.

Azerbaijani and Armenians clash at a protest in London

— Cavid Ağa (@cavidaga) July 17, 2020

the Fighting on the border of Azerbaijan and Armenia lasted from 12 to 14 July. Victims of the shelling began several dozen military. Armenian defense Ministry accuses Baku of sabotage and shelling villages on the border. Similar accusations against Armenia expressed the Azerbaijani military.

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