The Chinese have proposed to replace the traditional handshake bows

the Participants opened China’s annual session of the Supreme people’s Congress (NPC) proposed to abandon handshakes. Instead, it is proposed to use traditional Chinese greeting — the number of bows, writes Global Times.

With this initiative, obosnovanno the need to maintain separation of coronavirus, was made by one of the delegates, the head of the Institute of Confucius in Shandong province in East China, Jan Chemin.

As the politician said, because of the coronavirus etiquette in need of rethinking. Tradition as a sign of welcome and farewell bow with folded hands consistent with the cultural values of China, and safety requirements.

Previously the American expert, Director of the National Institute of allergies and infectious diseases Anthony Fauci also suggested that after the coronavirus rituals of communication may change, and in particular, the handshake can remain in the past.

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