The communications Ministry has opposed the unlock Telegram in case of emergencies

Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation did not support the bill “Fair Russia” on Telegram messenger during emergency situations (es) and the period of high alert.

In the opinion of the Ministry the document says that the proposed amendment could “lead to the abuse of law from the unscrupulous organizers of information distribution” in the Network, which will deliberately disseminate information about the activities of state agencies local governments for the purpose of avoiding prosecution. As reported “Interfax” in Ministry of communications consider that, from a legal point of view used in the bill terms such as “service” and “official service” are not disclosed in the text and may not be used. For doubt is the wording “the current situation”.

we will Remind, earlier it was reported that the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation received a letter from the deputies to support the bill to ban the blocking of the messenger Telegram, in the period modes of alert or emergency. Earlier, the deputies from “Fair Russia” Dmitry Ionin and Fedot Tumusov proposed the bill.

Verify that via Telegram of the Ministry of communications organized a alert of remaining abroad during a pandemic coronavirus Russian tourists, and the mayor’s office officially informs citizens about the fight against coronavirus.

the Tagansky regional court of 13 April 2019 issued this decision on the suit of Roscomnadzor to the messenger. The cause of the proceedings and final decision were claims of intelligence: a guide Telegram refused to grant the FSB the decryption keys of user messages.

Zamglavy of communications and mass media Oleg Ivanov said that the messenger Telegram on the territory of the Russian Federation will be finally blocked. According to Ivanov, Telegram will not be long to work because the government “can’t afford” not to implement their own decisions (in this case, the court’s decision lock the messenger — approx. “Rosbalt”).

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