The court took the children from hockey Zaitsev and set the amount of child support

the Moscow city court left in force the decision of Kuntsevsky court of Moscow, decided that the two minor children of the defender “Ottawa” Nikita Zaitsev will be living with his mother Margaret, Gotovceva.

As reported by RIA “Novosti” thus, the complaint 28-year-old hockey player Zaitsev was dismissed. The appeal should take place in April, but because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, the meeting was postponed four times.

At today’s meeting was attended by ex-wife Zaitsev, and the interests of the athlete was represented by lawyer Victoria Danilchenko.

According to the decision of the court of rabbits will be required to return the daughters to the mother. According to the woman, she had not seen the children since the end of November. The court also determined the amount of alimony — 70 thousand rubles a month.

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