The Deputy of the city Duma told about the dangers of living next to the cow parsnip

In Moscow, started mowing dangerous weed — Hogweed — the juice of which can lead to blindness. The Moscow city Duma Deputy Alexander Kozlov appreciated the problem of the spread of the Hogweed in the capital.

“In the Soviet period it was planned that this plant will be the basis of cheap feed for livestock. So he delivered. But the experiment failed,” recalled Kozlov, noting that with weed are difficult to fight: it can survive temperatures from minus 30 to plus 40 degrees.

Moscow city Duma Deputy stated that the problem of cow parsnip for capital continues to be relevant mainly for the “new Moscow”, where a lot of gardeners and gardening.

the goats said “AIF”, in the village of rogovo, villages Bogorodsky, Kamenka, Vasyunina there are whole Islands Hogweed, which are a potential threat to the residents. To combat the weed mowing and the use of special chemicals.

the MP called on Muscovites to inform the district Council or the property settlements in the event of Hogweed on the site or elsewhere in the County. “Residents “of the new Mosque also tell me through a special form on the MHD website, email, on my social network pages’, — concluded the Deputy.

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