The doctor advises the students before the exam, do not abuse the chocolate

the Doctor urged not to lean on sweets during stressful loads.

For vigor and good health of the chief freelance nutritionist of the Department of healthcare Antonina Starodubova recommends to adhere to the principles of a healthy diet and not to overeat.

the Students on the day of the exam, the expert advises to start the morning with a balanced Breakfast. According to her, reports the Agency “Moscow”, “a healthy Breakfast should be varied in order to provide the body with all necessary nutrients”.

“This can be porridge of whole grains that are not fully threshed cereals, various dairy products, low fat, egg dishes, such as baked omelets,” said Starodubov, adding that the Breakfast is better also to include a serving of vegetables and fruit.

the Physician also believes that chocolate students can take the exam as a snack, but the portion of sweet must not exceed 25 g.

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