The doctor told me about the dangers of changeable weather in July

Alternating heat and rain in July in Moscow, may adversely affect the health of citizens with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Warned about this infectious disease physician Yevgeny Timakov, speaking about the dangers of changeable weather in July.

According to him, the TV channel “Moscow 24”, pressure drops, heat, high humidity is dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease and disorders of cerebral circulation.

In this regard, the candidate of medical Sciences recommends that such Muscovites to walk in the mornings and evenings, but at home it’s possible to install air conditioning.

pediatrician also reminded about the dangers of heat stroke in the heat, and advised to carry water and a handkerchief.

Earlier, forecasters reported that July in Moscow will be the warmest and wettest, and the temperature will be 4-5 degrees above the average.

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