The doctor told me the danger of protein deficiency in the body

nutrition Expert Irina slime told how to know whether the lack of body protein.

According to her, is often the consequence of protein deficiency become colds. Among the indicators of protein deficiency the specialist also said the problems with hair and nails. “Leather, by the way, suffering also decreases its protective function and speed the updates, so she looks older,” said the slime “AIF”.

the Expert told me that a person who is not enough protein in the body is often drawn to sweet. In the end, as explained by the slime, the body becomes flabby — “muscle and skin in need of building material — protein”.

the Expert concluded that the protein is involved in all body processes: “So, no protein, no metabolism”.

average protein needs range from 0.8 g per 1 kg of body weight to 1.5 g and more. Most are rich in protein (in descending order) nuts, cheese, legumes, poultry, and animal, seafood and fish, cheese, eggs, and cereals.

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