The easing of quarantine in Rio de Janeiro overturned in court

the Court of Rio De Janeiro suspended the decrees of the state government and the city Council on the mitigation of social exclusion.

According to the court, inadequate easing measures may affect the spread of coronavirus to cause “serious irreparable harm”.

the order of the court cancelled some items of government ordinances — in particular, again came under the ban all the sports activities in the fresh air, visiting tourist spots, partial operation of bars and restaurants, work, shopping malls and Church services. According to the judge, based on the number of deaths from coronavirus “at stake is human life.”

the court’s Decision will remain in effect as long as the authorities do not give the regulatory impact analysis of the proposed measures. Following hearings with the participation of the health authorities of the state and city must go June 10. It is expected that the parties can come to agreement.

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