The energy Ministry has decided to prematurely lift the ban on the import of petrol

The Department of energy has published in the draft government resolution on cancellation of the current at the moment of a temporary ban on imports of gasoline to Russia. According to the explanatory note to the document, the ban should be removed in connection with the restoration of demand for oil and petroleum products in the country. As noted, demand is growing in connection with the abolition of regional measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, including the removal of restrictions on movement. According to the energy Ministry, the production of gasoline in the country in June reached 3.1 million tonnes, which Is 32% higher than in may of the current year. The shipment of gasoline to the domestic market increased by 39% to 2.8 million tons, while exports decreased in two times. Thus, concludes the Ministry, on the domestic market developed a surplus and the import of fuel will bring down prices. Recall that the ban was introduced at the end of may to ensure the country’s energy security and stabilize the situation on the domestic fuel market. For the early lifting of the ban on the import of fuel were informed of the FAS, the exchange SPIMEX and the Russian fuel Union.

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