The expert diagnosed of St. Petersburg

Petersburg lags behind other Russian regions by the number of independent exhibitions. Such an opinion during online discussions in TASS was expressed by Lisa Savin, producer and co-founder of the Foundation for cultural initiatives Sparta.

She called the situation in the Northern capital “of art-dystrophy” and noticed that the town has very few exhibitions from independent curators with an unconventional look. According to experts, St. Petersburg it’s time to increase the pace and exhibition activities.

Art historians and Museum workers also had an argument about what the exhibition needed St. Petersburg after the pandemic, and each offered his own version. Director of the charitable Foundation of culture and art “Pro Arte” Elena Kolovskaya invited to make an exhibition about crisis moments in the history of mankind. Such exposure would allow the audience to rethink the current crisis, having seen and studied the precedents, the expert believes.

But the artist and the initiator of the working group “What to do?” Dmitry Vilensky said that the city needs a bold exhibition on socio-political topics. He added that the government does not support art spaces, museums and galleries in St. Petersburg, and it is possible to do an exhibition on this theme.

Recall that the museums have opened in St. Petersburg on 6 July. When the Hermitage will return the discounted tickets, please click here.